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Welcome to Keyloop

Make business decisions by what you know. Not what you think.

There are consultants. There are vendors. There are suppliers. But we are data scientists that speak the language of dealers. As a valued partner we are dedicated to helping our clients identify actions that truly drive improvement of dealership performance, high sales and high profitability. Our disciplined approach lets us make recommendations and propose solutions that will empower dealerships to maximise their performance and profitability..

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Dealer Network Development

Take the lead in dealer network performance
  • Analyze regional and market segment trends
  • Understand brand/dealer selling patterns
  • See your competitors selling patterns
  • Identify key trends and hidden opportunities
  • Measure dealer performance
  • Boost revenues from new and used car sales and services
  • Support dealers in their sales and service business
  • Develop targeted marketing strategies
  • Increase sales, market share, market coverage and profitability


We’ve Cracked The Code to Manage Dealership Operations In Near Real-Time

Every OEM and every dealer has one goal – selling more cars and doing so profitably. In order to do that, actions taken have to be based on what’s happening now, not what happened months in the past. Our solution starts with a deep analysis and processes that allow our clients to identify actions that truly drive improvement of dealership performance, high sales and high profitability — the “win-win” zone. Every dealer will take a unique path to get there as there is no one-size-fits-all solution.

Our Dealer Services Group consultants work hand-in-hand with dealers enabling them to create action plans that drive profits. This allows you to focus on what matters and take quick action. With our performance solutions, we dig deep into sales, financial and consumer engagement data to better understand performance issues and identify opportunities for improvement.


Vehicle Loyalty, Conquest and Defection

Which models and makes are pulling away your customers? Whom should you target with your conquest campaigns?
  • Quantify loyalty behavior by dealer, lender, and vehicle characteristics
  • Compare your own brands or your brands against those of your competitors to understand retention performance, opportunities, and threats
  • Track loyalty, conquest and defection at the dealership level
  • Compare repurchase behaviors: leases vs. purchases, captive vs. non-captive
  • Evaluate the impact of make, model and vehicle characteristics on purchase decisions
  • Analyze new-to-new and used-to-new buyer behavior
  • Measure purchase cycles by examining how long owners take between vehicle purchases
  • Calculate conquest-to-defection ratios