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Customer Satisfaction

It is no surprise that in order to grow your dealer network you need reports that identify and support dealers that have performed well against key indicators such as sales, customer satisfaction, and inventory hold. Our sample Customer Satisfaction dashboard can be used to gauge the performance of your customer service teams. It can includes both a regional as well as a services performance breakdown, so management can easily identify underperforming teams.


We will create for your dealership a Performance dashboard that will visualize top and bottom performing dealers in the network. It will rank the best performing dealers based on sales performance over the past six months. It can also include the performance of the dealer network by plotting the run rate required to meet targets based on time of the month. With our in-house applications, along with Microsoft Power BI, our dealer consultants create custom reports that provide deep insights into dealer networks.

Regional Sales

We will create a customized Regional Sales performance dashboard to identify when management focus is required. It can be created to use typical measures such as, daily sales volumes, progress against target and forecast end-of-month position. Our customized Dashboard are accessible anywhere on any device and optimised for mobile viewing.


Your main Dashboard can be custom designed to identify if the month’s targets are going to be achieved. It can be custom built to use current month sales results to predict end-of-month sales. It can be further customized to calculate the required run rate needed to hit target. With over 50% of the workforce only having access through mobile devices, enabling access to insights helps Dealers identify which key areas can be adjusted in near real time to meet end of month targets.